This is definitely an exciting time to be alive! This week, (September 21st-28th) is one of the most powerful weeks we’ve had in the last few years and this weekend is going to mark a big turning point in our human evolution and the evolution of our consciousness. As individuals and as a collective.

On Wednesday, September 23rd, the Sun went into the sign of Libra which signifies the fall equinox. In the north hemisphere we’ll be experiencing more darkness for the next 6 months- time to go inward and be introspective.
It was a MAJOR TRANSITION DAY! The focus is now being shifted onto a new direction and away from old baggage we are ready to leave behind. Time to purify and cleanse… Sun going into Libra is all about Balance and Harmony. Time for more peace, harmony and justice and it needs to start on the inside first in order for us to see it manifest in the world. Time to take a closer look at the areas in your life that need more balance and equality. Address those areas immediately. Fine tune and refine.

There is a lot of Libra energy right now which brings up relationship issues. Gaining more balance and harmony in our relationships… Reevaluating and reconsidering our priorities. Radical shifts may occur in our relationships. Unexpected relationships may blossom.
PREPARE FOR THE UNEXPECTED. There are definitely some shocking and surprise elements in the air…

MERCURY GOING RETROGRADE in Libra- Time to work on our communication skills in order to experience more harmony and peace. How do you communicate with yourself and with others?

PLUTO IS GOING DIRECT- Pluto rules scorpio, the sign of transformation and rebirth.
This is the time to clean up any dark and deep residue from the past, especially in the area of relationships (Time to practice clear, honest and real communication). Powerful time to face our fears. What are you are fearing to communicate and express? Pluto going direct is also a time of major rebirth and massive change (this is a big theme right now on many levels).

This ‘in between phase’ may feel unstable, shaky, and scary. Feeling of emptiness and void. Something is dying. Don’t be in a hurry to fill it back in. Let life do her thing. Allow yourself to be empty… Empty of expectations, anticipations, ideas and any need to understand everything that is happening. Don’t limit yourself with your logical understandings. This is a big transitional phase, an end of an era, chapter, life time. Finalization and termination of some sort. We are going in a whole new direction.

SATURN GOING INTO SAGITTARIUS AFTER 3 YEARS IN SCORPIO. Scorpio is all about going into the depth of our being and dig up all the darkness, all the fears, all of our shit. It’s been intense and heavy and now we are in a major turning point. Sagittarius is the visionary, half man half horse riding into a new and brighter future. BUT! No major decisions at this time (also connected to mercury in retrograde). Contemplate and do your research, internally and externally. Aim wisely before shooting your next arrow. We are starting a new chapter but with more wisdom.

FULL MOON IN ARIES AND FULL LUNAR ECLIPSE ON SUNDAY, SEP 27th. Earth is directly between the sun (In the sign of Libra) and the moon (In the sign of Aries). The balance aspect in our lives is being magnified now especially balance between our Feminine and masculine energies. A lot is being felt… This can be a very emotional time for many of us. All is being amplified. Things are coming up to the surface in a rapid pace and there’s nowhere to hide anymore. MAJOR CLIMATIC POINT- perhaps a time for a significant turn in the road.

MAJOR NEW ENERGY WAVE COMING IN THE SAME DAY OF THE ECLIPSE. This is next level upgrade, installation of a massive new software that we’ve never seen and experienced before. We’ve been doing the preparation work up until now, preparing our bodies, minds, hearts and nervous system to receive and assimilate this next level operating system. Time to trade in your old computer!


Give yourself time to mourn if need to. Have compassion and empathy. Be kind to yourself and others, acknowledging this process and honoring the chapter we are closing.

CONNECT WITH THE WATER ELEMENT NOW to balance out all this fire and air (Libra, Aries and Sag).

THIS IS THE END OF THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT. Internally and externally. We’ll be receiving and experiencing more Strength and Courage, more Optimism and Joy which will bring about a renewed sense of FAITH. Stay focus and committed to purify yourself physically, mentally and emotionally and be ready to move forward in your life in a new way. Find a rhythm and a flow that works in your life in which you feel relaxed, nourished, healthy and balanced. Practice Self Love and Self Value.