Who are YOU? What does it mean to be Alive? Why were you given the gift of being Alive? The question of Who am I, when being asked from a place of health, strength and Love, is so much more potent and alive. If you could BE the person of your dreams, who would you BE?

Most people take such a tiny space, a lot smaller than what the universe has intended. That is why when we see someone who is being themselves to the fullest, in ALL their glory, it almost feels like they’re bigger than Life. In actuality, the vastness and the glory of Life live in each and every one of us. You are already complete and as big as Life itself because you are Life. Your only job while you’re here on this planet is to excel in being you. Being your BEST you. That’s the deal.

The times in our lives, when it is effortless and awesome being ourselves, are usually when we are kids and at an old age. It’s that time in the middle, which is a pretty big chunk, which can become a challenge. We need to socialize, we need to adopt, we need to accommodate. We learn to push aside our authentic and true self. Kids just don’t know how to be anything else but themselves; their full and glorious selves. Consciousness is birthed around the age of 7, and we become more self-conscious and more subjected to social influences. All of a sudden we’re not so good at being our TRUE selves.

If you spend time with kids or have kids, you know what I’m talking about. It’s enough to witness the behavior of a child to understand what it means to be your authentic self and furthermore, to unapologetically live and give expression to the full spectrum of who we are.

One of the major barriers to our authentic, best self and the full expression of that version is our perception of what other people think of us and the need for approval, validation, and recognition. We take other people’s opinions and impose that onto ourselves, which is one of the most debilitating things when we want to be ourselves, let alone our BEST selves. Add that to our own perception of ourselves- what it is we think of ourselves, and you got yourself an ‘Ego show.’

We have good days and bad days. On those good days it’s a free flowing joy, we don’t even need a reason. We feel like we’re on fire, and we just want to celebrate! Everything seems to work. On the other side of the fence, during those bad days, nothing seems to work… Nothing appears to flow. These are the two extremes of the Ego. Our Life, from birth till now has been establishing and building a stable relationship with our Ego. And yes, we need an Ego. Especially living in the west, in a capitalized world, if we didn’t have an Ego, we’d be toasted… The challenge is to take the Ego from its dominant position and put it in service to the Self. Then it becomes useful.

It’s about finding the balance between these two extremes – a place of equilibrium and equanimity. That is where Confidence comes from. It doesn’t matter what others say to us or think of us. It’s like the confidence of the Sky, the confidence of the Sun, and the Ocean. It’s about finding a broader sense of self Love, embracing every single aspect of ourself, not judging anything as less than divine perfection.

When we go back to the question, who am I and what would I like to be, we realize that we are not our thoughts, we are not our feelings or what it is we do. We are not what we have or what other people think of us. There has to be something underneath all of that. The journey is about learning how to see beyond all the conditionings we have been downloaded with and all the judgments (internal and external) we’ve been subjected to throughout our lives. We then tap into our inner voice that KNOWS the greatness of who we truly are.

Each and every one of us, with our unique essence, carries infinite potential. The potential to move, expand, and re-create one’s Self. That is our adaptive personality. And that is UNIQUE as well because no one else in the world had the same experiences and influences that you’ve had and that have shaped you into the person we see today. That is the one who keeps moving, shifting and evolving. Every passing year it is our job to become better and better in being who we are and to refine the gifts and qualities we each came here with. It’s not about changing who we are, but rather fine-tuning and polishing who and what we already are. You are already different than anybody else. You are already unique. Our job is to keep becoming more of that. The substance of your Life will become SO much richer as a result.

Who else can be as good in being YOU? That is true liberation. Giving ourselves the permission to express the full spectrum of our being, celebrating each and every unique expression. Having the confidence to live and be our BEST selves, living authentically, truthfully and courageously because we know that what we bring to the table is an invaluable contribution to the fabric of existence.

Like Gandhi said: “My Life is my message.” Otherwise, why are we all here? You being your BEST self is a gift to the world.