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Last but not least, more tips, tools, and inspiration to upgrade your Life from the inside out can be found in my book – ‘Master your Life with Love’. The very foundation of this book is built upon radical Self-Love that catalyzes personal healing and collective evolution. The wisdom and insights you’ll find can benefit both those who have established daily practices and also those who are ready to begin a new journey toward Self-Love and well-being. This book is a heartfelt and spiritually pragmatic guide to developing a deeper understanding of your divine nature as a human being and thus, live a more meaningful and fulfilling Life.

This book contains an abundance of insights into the physical, emotional, and spiritual dedication of rising madly in Love with yourSelf. By following the suggested tools and guidelines, you will understand how to continuously build a deeper and more loving relationship with yourSelf and with Life as a whole and as a result, become healthier, happier, and truly connected to your body and soul.