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Personal Mentorship
Soul Signature Session
Kundalini Yoga

Cleanse & Revitalize

“When I first spoke with Noa about this program, I made it clear to her that I was not looking for another coach. I wanted to become less reliant on outside sources and more reliant on myself to generate safety, joy, and growth. And this program lived up to its name in ways I could not have imagined. On the physical level, I lost 25 pounds and have continued to lose since the program has ended. I lost a ton of emotional weight as I faced deep wounds that I couldn’t even see before and released them. As a result, I was able to take responsibility for disconnection from people in my life and become closer to those I love. I truly got access to my own wisdom that allowed me to breakthrough in both relationships and business.

Throughout the process, Noa showed up more than she promised. She was extremely responsive in the Facebook group and went above and beyond to make sure we all had the support we needed. As we released toxins from our body and released the difficult emotions we’d been storing for decades, it was so nice to have such an amazing, supportive, loving environment created by Noa. As we allowed ourselves to feel all the muck knowing we had that support, we all stepped into a higher level of power. Now that the program is over, I truly do feel like I experienced an upgrade. I have more clarity of what my Truth is in all areas of my life. I have more energy. I have more connection and love. I have more health. And, the biggest result of all, my habits have completely changed. I am more focused. I’m eating smaller portions with sustained energy. And I’m operating from my heart with my mind following its lead for once. The self-mastery I attained is a sustainable one as I feel I achieved a new level I will never go back from. I couldn’t recommend giving yourself this gift enough.”

– Joe Brachocki

“I was BLESSED with the opportunity for a VIP body detox~reset~RECREATION with Noa Lakshmi! I was going through some major changes in all areas of my life (work, home, relationships, life focus, etc!) and it felt like the perfect time to clear out anything holding me back, so I seized the opportunity to work with Noa. She guided me with her extensive wisdom, knowledge, and experience through the process of using her recommended high quality herbal detox kit and specific food guidelines (organic, vibrant foods) for my optimal cleanse. It was a powerful process! With my super busy life, I couldn’t have managed it without her support and guidance. She was there with delicious preparations of everything I needed to eat to clear my system out and sustain myself through it. She made amazing smoothies, fruit bowls, and salads to sustain me and keep my body clearing out. There were many intense emotional releases of childhood traumatic patterns and patterns around emotional eating that she lovingly supported me through. It was a powerful journey physically, mentally, and emotionally of deep purification that I knew was necessary for my own personal growth, expansion, health, and happiness. Noa’s support through all the levels was INVALUABLE! Without her guidance and support I couldn’t have completed the process properly. With her support I made it through it all! Feeling more clear, more energy, more healthy, and more vibrant! It’s changed my eating habits, view on food, and eating style for the better! I also feel more energized, clearer mentally, more vibrant, and more excited about everything in life! If you ready to step into a greater version of yourself connect with Noa ASAP!!”

– Aaron Michael Pyne

“I recently completed my cleanse journey with the beautiful Noa Lakshmi, and I have to say it was Life changing for me on every level. This journey cleansed my entire being; physically, emotionally, spiritually, mentally. It awakened Self Love for all of my being and restored connection with my body, mind, spirit. Through this journey, it brought peace where there was once only war. War with my body, my thoughts, my mind, my actions. This was only the beginning, the perfect reset I was desiring to clear out all the old junk in every realm, to cleanse, heal and restore, to journey on in health and live at a higher vibration.

Thank you Noa Love, for the beacon of light that you are in this world! I Love you!”

Kami Jensen

“Mahalo great spirit for sending me such a great force of true inspiring GuiDance when I needed it the most!! you were there to support and guide me thru one of biggest shifts of my journey here on earth! the wisdom and the tools I received from your Amazing Path to SELF MASTERY you created is BEyond what I can put in words…

My BirthDay this cycle was an absolute REBIRTH like you said it would be: I’m feeling empowered and so clear about ME!! and this is only the beginning !!! This program has changed my life forever.

From feeling the best I felt in my own body maybe for the first time in my life, to feel so grounded, centered and connected to my heart and my truth ~*~ Noa you are a true Beacon of very wise light

I’m ready to embark on this magnificent delicious journey with everything I’ve gained from your extraordinary gifts!!!! MAHALOOOOO beautiful sister, teacher of Love!”

Totem Lyons

“Noa, I want to thank you so much. I feel lighter and much more present than ever in my life. I believe it is joy, gratitude, and love resonating through my cleansed mind, body and soul. From my heart to your heart, thank you. You were right, with this cleanse, spiritual mindful practice, and “proper diet”, my surgical procedure has been a wonderful experience. Starting at a higher place mentally, physically, AND spiritually has helped the healing and recovery to begin at a higher place. thank you.”

– Lowell Roberts

Personal Mentorship

Julie Fleming

“Working with Noa Lakshmi has been an incredible journey of growth and transformation for me. Her wisdom and guidance helped pave the path to trusting myself, my intuition, and the desires I have for my life. I’ve reconnected to the brave and beautiful little girl in me and continue to dissolve old patterns of thinking and behaving that have kept me feeling paralyzed in self-doubt. With Noa’s love and support, I gently lifted the lid off of the self-love and compassion I unknowingly kept hidden away. I am becoming my own best friend, my own greatest cheerleader, my own loyal supporter.

If you wish to stop trying to push yourself forward and instead be lovingly walked alongside of in your journey to living your best life, I highly recommend working with Noa as your mentor. Through investing in yourself this way, you will experience the lasting joy that comes with learning to more fully love, accept, and honor all of who you are!””

– Julie FlemingFlorida, USA

“I had never sought help from an intuitive astrologer before I received a referral for Noa. After she prepared my natal birth chart and we discussed it together, I knew I had found the perfect soul to help me work through issues relating to divorce, finding my birth mother, and life in general. Noa knows what her clients may be feeling based partly on interpreting their natal charts and partly by intuitive signals, and reaches out exactly at the right moment to assist. I broke through every perceived barrier within a very short time working with her and can’t believe how far I have come and the new, confident and powerful person I am now. With Noa’s guidance, I was able to recognize patterns, welcome in the feelings, address them, and use them to develop the strength to learn to love myself while not hurting anyone in the process. Now when people come to me for advice and I send them to Noa.”

– Meredith Manning, CA

“I came to Noa during a very transformative time in my journey in which It was a time when old thoughts and relationships were wanting to be released from my life so that I could experience more light, love, and freedom. Which sounds lovely but was honestly most often scary and hard as hell. Choosing to have Noa in my corner during this delicate and exciting time was the best and most loving choice I could have made for myself. The compassionate space she held for me to be honest and raw was better than any space I’ve had in my 10 years of working with coaches. The loving guidance she offered me through timely questions and her amazing intuition was and will always be priceless to me. She held my highest vision for me when I was unable and because of this, I was able to choose higher in all areas of my life specifically in how I cared for my body and how I spoke to myself. If you are upgrading in ANY area of your life, give yourself the gift of assistance from this walking Earth angel warrior goddess guide!”

– Mary Catherine Shurett – Life Coach

“Working with Noa these past 6 months has been unequivocally life-changing! I am so thankful I chose to invest in my Self and have seen every area of my life blossom under Noa’s skillful guidance. Her diverse toolkit of detox protocols, intuitive astrology, kundalini yoga, coaching, deep knowledge of the wisdom traditions and unwavering commitment to radical Self-love is transformative. I am a new woman in that I am more of my radiant Self, living in integrity and in alignment with my authentic path. I am so thankful for Noa’s gentle yet firm support as I have strengthened my own ability to discern and chart the course of my life. I love this woman as a mentor, sister, guide, teacher, and friend!”

– Catheryne Harsh

Soul Signature Session

“Last night reading with you was MIND BLOWING Noa!!! It was such a powerful download!! I feel so inspired to get my true self SHINE! YOU ARE A GREAT TEACHER AND SUCH A BEAUTIFUL INSPIRATION! Mahalo Nui my Dear Sister.”

Totem Lyons

“I just got a reading from Noa and it was pretty mind-blowing. I have a psychic astrologer that I’ve been seeing for years (and she is amazing,) and yet Noa expanded my understanding significantly. It was like my old understanding was an elementary one, and Noa just gave me a high-school level one. I can’t wait to go back through my video ASAP. I am very impressed and feel a whole new charge in my direction in life… It’s like getting a key to the puzzle. A-May-Zing!! Highly, highly recommend.”

Lief Cederblom

“Thank you so much my dear. The reading was so powerful – I noticed major shifts because i implemented everything you suggested and stepped into a next level of empowerment which resulted to me enrolling another high end client into my Catalyst Academy – soooo incredible.

Katerina Satori

“Diving into a deeper understanding of myself has been a strong focus for some time and recently a huge window opened. Tangelina opened the astrological window last week and Noa blasted it wide open! In the past, when I have had astrological readings or read about my chart/horoscope, all the planetary verbiage with the squaring of this, opposing of that, conjunctions and houses was all a foreign language. In 75 minutes,Noa gave me great insight and understanding in a language that I could actually receive. Her passion and way of sharing gave me so much to work with. Now that I can see the map to my cosmic soul, I get to navigate my life in a whole new way, with more compassion and understanding. Thank you!”

Betsy Finkehoo

“I had the luxury of receiving an astrology reading from the brilliant and wise Noa Lakshmi last week. HOLY MOLY, this woman is legit! She gifted me with an understanding about myself that I am so grateful to now see. The very next day, so many clear downloads came through for me in relation to what this year is all about for me. Her way of sharing lit me up, brought clarity and revealed blind spots that I can now see were limiting my highest expression. I am excited to see how this year will unfold for me based on what I learned in that one session. Thank you, Noa, for your wisdom, your clear communication, for seeing me, and for the bonus parting gift of your new book, “Master your life with love”, which is filled with so many gems!”

Maura Rassman

“I had an AMAZING astrology reading with Noa Lakshmi yesterday…. AMAZING! I feel so empowered and fully oriented. She guided me through and highlighted the parts of my astrological “map” to help me navigate my life. Noa also gave me practical tools so that I can be ready for all the twists and turns and events upcoming in my life. THANK YOU, Noa! Much love and gratitude to you. You have a gift, and I am so excited for you to continue to share this gift with the world.”

Alice Covey

“Received my First Session with Noa and it was Delicious!! Noa is a Big Light! The reading flowed beautifully and gave me so much insight, confirmation, and tools to work with ~ If you’re ready to be told what your Soul came here for and what you MUST do in this life then get on this Train! Love You Sister!”

Markus Lyons

“I just had one of the most powerful astrology readings of my entire life. It came at the most perfect (of course) timing, revealing more of what I have always felt but never had the scientific wording for. It’s not because Noa Lakshmi is one of my most favorite people on earth that this resonated so deeply with me; it’s Noa’s ability to articulate and intricately relay what the sky map is trying to teach me. She took me on a journey of my Soul. I felt that so clearly.

I wish you would all do a reading with this beautiful being. Gift that to yourself this month! She is highly sensitive and intuitive to your energy and will be able to share things with you that you’ve most likely been trying to figure out for a long time.”

Kara Kerekova

“I received such an incredible astrology reading yesterday with Noa Lakshmi! Noa enabled me to really embrace my uniqueness and focus on my strengths in order to be empowered and take action in my life. She combined the spiritual and practical aspects for an amazing deep and complete holistic understanding. Get a reading with Noa if you want to thrive and uplevel your life!”

Jason Weber

“I had session with Noa Lakshmi earlier today.Concise, factual,caring, spot on insights.The 90 minutes with her was so valuable as both serving as an insightful look at mySelf now..and an exciting ,curious window into my next 6 months..Specifically ,also a bonus Insight of what types of people I partner with well in business.As an entrepreneur ,this was Priceless ,Golden advice.”

James Aplington

“I had an astrology reading yesterday with Noa Lakshmi which was incredibly clear, intuitive and insightful. I’ve had lots of “esoteric”, “energy” and “transformational” experiences and readings and Noa hit some key points that really reinforced big changes you’re going to see talking about in the next 12 months. Her vision and ability to elucidate a few dark corners I wasn’t fully seeing was super helpful. I recommend reaching out if you have some questions on what the heck is happening in all this cosmic turbulence.”

Matt Kreinheder

“I LOVED our session so much, it still rings in my ears. You are a blessing, and I will definitely work with you again.”

Eva Clay

“Have you ever taken a Personality test? If the answer is “yes”, then you NEED to speak with Noa Lakshmi, because you don’t know jack.

I received an astrology reading from her last night, and words cannot begin to describe how seen, understood, encouraged and known I felt. She reminded me of things from my childhood I didn’t even remember until she said them. I spent most of the reading in stunned amazement. It turns out rocks and big burning stars orbiting us determine a lot.

In fact, she offered so much advice in the direction of where my life is headed, in terms of opportunities AND challenges, that with the awareness of, those challenges can be now be turned to gold!

I’m so grateful for the incredible amount of time this woman put into my reading before and after the call. The woman OVER-DELIVERS on her product.

In fact, if you have EVER felt in transition, in a relationship, at work, or your purpose in general, Noa is so underpriced, and I think she may be raising her rates soon, so SEE HER NOW. If you’ve ever wanted to know literally anything and everything about yourself, you should work with her… NOW.”

Matthew Cook

“I gifted myself with an Astrological Chart reading earlier this week with the beautiful, soulful and magical, Noa Lakshmi and it was so powerful, healing and such a useful way to get to know myself better.

I’ve been sharing about my experience with my closest friends. Getting my chart read has been a desire of mine for about six months or so and I was waiting for just the right person to come into my world to guide me through my chart. Noa was the PERFECT person for me.

For those of us on the path of personal and spiritual exploration, you’ll understand when I say that being a very self-aware person, I didn’t necessarily learn anything *new* about myself. However, it was the synthesizing and the integration of so many parts of myself into a cohesive, insightful delivery through Noa that offered SO much insight into my purpose here in this life.

And…it was remarkable to see SO MUCH of what has already transpired in my life so clearly laid out in this map of who I am in this life. It’s so wild!! It’s all right there in the chart!

If you’re curious about this modality of personal insight and healing, Noa is your girl. Her energy is gentle, knowing and precise in bringing your chart alive just for you.”

Krystal Brandt

“There are few times I put myself out there and say you MUST do something, and today I’m excited to make an exception. If you are seeking no-fluff clarity about your path and calling on your unique life (career, soul gifts and relationships) AND simple guidance about what to do today to create the path of least resistance towards the unfolding of your highest – book a Soul Signature session with Noa Lakshmi.

It’s part astrology part laser intuition. And if you’re someone who is unsure about astrology and/or uncomfortable yet curious you’re in safe hands with Noa.

Thank you Noa, for the work you do and the service you offer this planet. I am truer because of you.”

Mary Chathrine

“Last night I finished my second 90 minute meeting with Noa.  The first was in February and only upon an amazing recommendation did I take a leap of faith in Noa.  I was nervous and skeptical at first, but I soon realize that Noa is wise, well spoken, and she truly loves what she does.  She provided me with tons of information (all recorded, thank goodness), and I used this information to help me with many personal demons, stressors, and obstacles.  Her guidance created real and incredible changes in my life. For example, I work as a pediatrician in a hospital and as a result of our meeting have implemented a meditation program in the hospital.  This is a direct result of our conversation. Her guidance dissolved the guilt I had about my lifestyle choices, and now I am free from getting in my own way. A few days ago I wrote to my friends that I have never felt more alive, complete, strong, healthy, and present.  Yesterday I asked Noa to help me read my 3 year old in order to better understand and help her. All the books, podcasts, professional advice, forums, and years of information search on parenting did not compare to how much Noa helped me understand my daughter. Thank you Noa for your kindness and your wisdom.  I am so grateful to you.”


“Thank you so much for the reading and for creating a safe space for me to open up. A lot of my thoughts and feelings (past and current) make more sense to me and I feel open to trusting the universe/god in making a choice and moving forward (and god has my back:)).

Your posts on FB and your youtube videos have resonated with me since I ‘found’ you in the summer. You are a unique and beautiful woman and I thank you for all that you do. You really do elevate humanity :)”

– Lori

“Many thanks to you Noa–I feel like all of my questions were answered and my soul thoughts reconfirmed.”

– Jessica

Hi, Noa! Just wanted to thank you, again, for your insight during our session. I watched the recording and took more notes…I have a page of questions that will be ideal for my meditations and automatic writing!

I also want to thank you for how gentle, kind and celebratory you presented this personal information. I was full of chills, energy and motivation again after watching the recording.  

Things I have read and been told about my personality in the past were negative and quite hurtful, so in someone else’s hands, this could have gone so wrong for me. I don’t think I have ever been celebrated like this!

You have such a beautiful gift…thank you for sharing that with me. I am eternally grateful!

Thank you, my beautiful friend!

– Cheri Manis

“Noa helped me to see the bigger picture and gave me some practical tools to help me. I felt so clear after her reading, and since then I am much more able to trust that life is unfolding as it should. I’m going through some very intense time and Noa’s practicality, warm advice and understanding of who I am and what I have to offer has been eye opening. I feel that her integrity is also something I would recommend her for. Thank you for your help Noa.”

– Rose Miho

Kundalini Yoga

“Yoga with Noa was transformational. Before her classes, I utterly ruled out Kundalini, feeling like it’s just “not for me.” But along with her effervescent presence and endless positive energy, she flavored the ancient yoga with her own style. Her Kundalini Vinyasa fusion classes opened me up to a whole new world of yoga. Her guidance and reassurance helped me to not give up in even the most difficult kriyas, such lessons flowed into the rest of my life as well. I love how she spends quality time planning each class to make them relevant to what the class needed at the time and her music just adds to the already blissful experience. After each class with Noa, I felt a new sense of confidence, revitalized energy and flexible strength in my body. I wish I could still take yoga with Noa every day.”

Angel Green

“Noa’s classes were transformational and inspiring! Her energy is clear and empowering, her words are honest and her personality is down to earth and humble. I saw her dedication to her own practice and a joyful attitude to the bettering of the world and the global community as a whole. I am deeply grateful to have Noa share her teachings and her presence with me on my journey”

Pasha Reshikov