I utilize astrology as a tool to help you upgrade your Life, specializing in giving you the insights you need to discover your Soul’s original intent while showing you the best way to access your own unique potential. You will gain a new perspective on who you are with a renewed sense of inspired motivation to take yourSelf to the next level and completely upgrade your Life from the inside out.

Astrology has deep historical roots in science, medicine, and agriculture and provides invaluable insight into WHO you are and HOW you show up in the world. Since the dawn of time, man has used stars and planets for divination. Just as the Moon pulls on the ocean’s tides and the light of the Sun enables all Life on Earth to grow and flourish, the movements of the planets in our solar system relate to all earthly affairs, including you.

“I just got a reading from Noa and it was pretty mind-blowing. I have a psychic astrologer that I’ve been seeing for years (and she is amazing,) and yet Noa expanded my understanding significantly. It was like my old understanding was an elementary one, and Noa just gave me a high-school level one. I can’t wait to go back through my video ASAP. I am very impressed and feel a whole new charge in my direction in life… It’s like getting a key to the puzzle. A-May-Zing!! Highly, highly recommend.”

– Leif Cederblom


What I offer my clients in my astrology sessions is way beyond just reading a birth chart. I create a bridge between the mystical and the earthly, giving you practical tools to implement in your Life that support your current evolution. Here’s what you can expect to receive (besides just having fun with me):

  • A deeper understanding of who you are and your unique purpose in Life.

  • A greater sense of compassion and Love for yourself.
  • A clear sense of direction based on your current Lifecycles – what’s the best course of action to take NOW in order to create your desirable future.
  • Deeper awareness on any blind spots, unconscious patterns and limiting beliefs about yourself and/or Life in general – Learn how to overcome perceived obstacles in your Life by expanding your understanding of your strengths and soft spots.
  • Self-empowerment and more confidence.
  • We’ll discuss significant key points that will reinforce whichever changes you’re looking to implement in your Life.

“I had an astrology reading yesterday with Noa Lakshmi which was incredibly clear, intuitive and insightful. I’ve had lots of “esoteric”, “energy” and “transformational” experiences and readings and Noa hit some key points that really reinforced big changes you’re going to see talking about in the next 12 months. Her vision and ability to elucidate a few dark corners I wasn’t fully seeing was super helpful. I recommend reaching out if you have some questions on what the heck is happening in all this cosmic turbulence.”

– Matt Kreinheder


75 MINUTES – $220




Big transition in our life? Asking yourself ‘what the heck is going on?’ Needing some guidance and clarity? My Clarity Sessions are for those of you who’ve had my Soul Signature reading before and/or for those of you looking for greater clarity and direction in your life at present without going deep into your Birth Chart. This is a short session where I focus specifically on astrological aspects in your Birth Chart at present, answering your most urgent questions.

45 MINUTES – $140



What is the potential between you and another person? What is the purpose of the relationship? What are the challenges and how to constructively work with them. Rather it’s Love, business and anything in between, This reading will help you build a healthier and more authentic relationship by interpreting each person’s chart and your compatibility.

75 MINUTES – $300



Understanding the unique Soul Signature of your child and how he/she is built will assist you greatly in developing a harmonious relationship with them. You will be able to support them better on their journey, knowing what is the best approach to use and how you can meet them where they’re at. The insights are truly invaluable since no book can tell you what is your child’s chosen Soul’s journey on Earth.

60 MINUTES – $180



“I had an AMAZING astrology reading with Noa Lakshmi yesterday…. AMAZING! I feel so empowered and fully oriented. She guided me through and highlighted the parts of my astrological “map” to help me navigate my life. Noa also gave me practical tools so that I can be ready for all the twists and turns and events upcoming in my life. THANK YOU, Noa! Much love and gratitude to you. You have a gift, and I am so excited for you to continue to share this gift with the world.”

– Alice Covey

“I had session with Noa Lakshmi earlier today.Concise, factual,caring, spot on insights.The 90 minutes with her was so valuable as both serving as an insightful look at mySelf now..and an exciting ,curious window into my next 6 months..Specifically ,also a bonus Insight of what types of people I partner with well in business.As an entrepreneur ,this was Priceless ,Golden advice.”

James Aplington

“There are few times I put myself out there and say you MUST do something, and today I’m excited to make an exception. If you are seeking no-fluff clarity about your path and calling on your unique life (career, soul gifts and relationships) AND simple guidance about what to do today to create the path of least resistance towards the unfolding of your highest – book a Soul Signature session with Noa Lakshmi.

It’s part astrology part laser intuition. And if you’re someone who is unsure about astrology and/or uncomfortable yet curious you’re in safe hands with Noa.

Thank you Noa, for the work you do and the service you offer this planet. I am truer because of you.”

Mary Chathrine



75 MINUTES – $220


Session packages and Personal Mentorship Programs are available. Please contact me: