The very Well-Being of the planet depends on the way

you handle your body, your feelings,

Your Perceptions and your Consciousness.

-Thich Nhat Hanh-

I want to welcome you to the best party in town called YOUR LIFE

where you are the guest of honor…

My 40-day journey to self-mastery is an inner journey of transformation,

purification and illumination; a journey toward radiant health and

supreme well-being. You will learn how to holistically nurture your body

and activate your soul in order to experience profound upgrades in your

life and long lasting changes within your body, mind and spirit.

    noa web 40 day.3Noa, I feel lighter and much more present than ever in my life.

I believe it is joy, gratitude and love resonating through my cleanse mind,

body  and soul. From my heart to your heart, Thank You.

      –  Lowell noa web 40 day.1

This is a journey of detoxification and purification of your spiritual, emotional, mental and

physical life. You will upgrade your health, mental clarity, emotional state and your sense

of self worth. This customize 40-day journey is comprised of three main components :

The Purpose of the body is to be a good vehicle for our mind. The purpose of the mind is to be good be vehicle for the pure, clear and unfiltered projection of our soul- our pure consciousness, or what we refer as our life Force. It is merely the pure intelligence that lives inside every single human being. This intelligence and powerful energy is also called Kundalini Energy.

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Our bodies are temple. They are also perfectly designed machines that require fuel. The kind of fuel we choose to put in our bodies affect not only every single system in the body, but also our mental state and our emotional state. When your body is clean and clear, your mind follows the same state, and when your mind is clear, you feel more focused, centered, motivated, open and ALIVE! There are truly no limit to what you can achieve on your journey through life, as long as it’s supported by healthy, nurtured and highly attuned body that functions at its optimal level.

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The coaching and intuitive guidance I provided are personalized. My guidance is designed around the individual’s inner world to support growth and lasting change Whatever your personal goals in life may be, I will help you reach them by actively listening and assisting you to tap into your personal resources. Together, we will discover that which empowers you on your path to greatness. In this process you are supported to achieve your goals while maintaining physical, mental and emotional balance.

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