Cleanse and Revitalize Immersion



Dear friend, how about making 2021 be the year in which you experience more vitality, clarity, and wellbeing by discovering how to take care of yourSelf better than ever before?


The Re-Vitalize experience is an 8-week immersion designed for those who are interested in TRUE health and vitality by learning the art of regenerative detoxification and fasting.

We start on February 1st.

Last day to join us January 28th

What is the Re-Vitalize experience all about:

* Detoxification & Alkalization - Removing waste and obstructions from your physical, mental. and emotional bodies through specific proven protocols and proper fasting.

* Regeneration & Hydration- Regaining healthy and vital cellular structure by providing your body with the proper Lifeforce from water-rich, living foods.

* Optimization & Revitalization - Building healthy tissues throughout the body for optimal and harmonious function of body - mind - soul.

"Fasting is the first principle of health,

restraint is superior to medication.

Fast, and behold the strength of the spirit"


"I was so excited to find that Noa was planning a 7-day container for fasting that coincided with a fast that I was doing! I immediately enrolled in the group and I was so grateful for Noa’s guidance and support! She is incredibly knowledgeable about nutrition, health, and the body’s ability to heal itself! And beyond this, she is tuned into the mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of all these processes as well! I appreciate all the time and individual attention Noa gave me in this space. The support definitely helped me make it through my fast feeling great. She is a beacon of light in the field of wellness and vitality, an Inspiration, and a joy to work with! Such a beautiful soul! Forever grateful!

- Elizabeth Dull

You’ll Discover:

  • The art of regenerative detoxification - how to do it properly based on your internal terrain.
  • How to truly heal your body and experience supreme health.
  • The power of living foods and herbs and how to use them in your Life in a balanced way.
  • How to nourish yourSelf in accordance with natural laws so you can create a long-lasting and vibrant Lifestyle.
  • The efficacy of fasting and how to incorporate it into your Life for physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual illumination and wellbeing.
  • How to deal with strong emotions during detox.
  • Different Yoga styles and movement practices to support the healing and regeneration of your body, mind, and soul.
  • The Life-giving power you hold inside through simple breathwork practices.
  • How to enhance your ability to Love yourSelf and treat your body as the temple that it is…

"I worked with Noa on an amazing health transformation and I am so grateful for her support first by inviting me into what's possible for my health and seeing that for me and then doing it in such a loving way.

All the way through and the different resistances I had come up with, Noa just really held amazing space for me and gave me the medicine that I needed, meaning that she told me what I needed to hear at the moment to be able to be steadfast and do a 30-day transformation.

Had she not been a part of the journey A, I wouldn’t have done it, B, I would have probably been like, ‘oh I did 10 days that's good enough right??’ and I would have just quit. But I didn’t quit...

Going through the full transformation really transformed not only my eating but the eating for my wife and my children; our whole family basically. Now my 4-year old wants to eat greens and salads, something I didn’t even think to offer him before. By seeing me eat it over a long period of time, they gained their own interest in it as well. (Just an added bonus)

Noa is just super powerful in terms of her wisdom, but she's also really great in terms of her sweetness and also her kind of tough attitude of ‘okay come on, let's get this going. You can do this’ All that combined makes her just an amazing person to work with, I highly recommend it.

Noa, I'm so grateful for you! Thank you so much for being a part of our life, and being a part of my transformation. I'm truly grateful for you Thank you Thank you Thank you.

- Jaymin Patel

Phase 1

4 weeks of preparation for your 7-day fast to ensure your body AND mind are ready. You'll have your initial session with Noa in which you'll be given your personal protocol.

Phase 2

7-day water fast and/or juice fast in combination with dry fasting for those who are ready.

Phase 3

3 weeks of integration:
- How to mindfully transition from fasting to eating.

- Long Term Integration - Regeneration of tissue is not a quick fix, you’ll be shown how to integrate a healthy Lifestyle for continued success.

What to expect

  • Allow your body to eliminate cellular waste via regenerative detoxification and proper fasting.
  • Nourish and hydrate your cells with living nutrition and herbs.
  • Support your organs and your elimination channels for cellular health and repair.
  • Restore emotional equilibrium and mental clarity via gut balance and the strengthening of your nervous system.
  • Balance your hormonal wellbeing.
  • Let go of limiting beliefs and thought patterns.
  • Develop your nervous system and your endocrine system and cultivate greater self-awareness.
  • Adopt an alkaline Lifestyle.
  • Eliminate cravings, sugar and food addictions, and create new habits.
  • Reduce the negative impact of stress by supporting your adrenals.
  • Address the root cause of inflammation and tissue weaknesses in the body.
  • Reduce or eliminate pain altogether.
  • Reduce/remove belly bloat and Improve overall stomach and bowel health.
  • Increase mental clarity and energy.
  • Remove heavy metals, toxic waste, candida, parasites, and unwanted toxins that we are exposed to on a daily basis.
  • Reclaim your health sovereignty.
  • Strengthen your mind, body, and spirit.
  • Say hello to your most radiant Self!

"Joining the 7-day fast was a challenge but Noa’s spirit makes it all much more enjoyable and simple. The experience truly raised my awareness of my consumption habits. The way Noa held the space and shared her wisdom with us made me feel safe and supported. The journey opened my eyes to the power of our body and the role food plays in our lives. Noa radiates love in every one of her transmissions and motivated me to exceed my expectations. Her presence is healing and enlightening. I look forward to being guided into illumination by her once again."

— Sonja Von Hoff

"There is an art to detoxification. The end goal is always the regeneration of tissue, and the restoring and improving of the condition of the cell and the fluid that takes care of it. "

Dr. Robert Morse

“I recently completed my cleanse journey with the beautiful Noa Lakshmi, and I have to say it was Life changing for me on every level. This journey cleansed my entire being; physically, emotionally, spiritually, mentally. It awakened Self Love and restored connection with my body, mind, and spirit. Through this journey, it brought peace where there was once only war. War with my body, my thoughts, my mind, my actions. This was only the beginning, the perfect reset I was desiring to clear out all the old junk in every realm, to cleanse, heal and restore, to journey on in health and live at a higher vibration.

Thank you Noa Love, for the beacon of light that you are in this world! I Love you!”

– Kami Jensen

- The details -

* We’ll meet virtually every week for 8 weeks - get together online and share your experience, as well as have your questions answered.

* Videos, recipes, herbal protocols, emotional support, and all the info you need to guide you on your regeneration journey.

* Private and intimate group for community support of like-minded beings.

* Initial personal health overview session that includes: Full health assessment, iridology report, and personal protocol based on your individual needs and state of health.

* Bonus one-on-one integration session at the end (if you sign up by January 18th).

* Your investment in yourSelf and your wellbeing:

3 payments of $505 or one payment of $1444

This immersion is not for everyone.

Your participation will require deep commitment, financial investment, and true willingness to grow and transform, both your belief systems and your physical body.

To determine if it’s the right program for you, schedule a call with Noa to discuss all the details and payment options.

I ask that you do not schedule a call if you're unable and/or unwilling to invest in your wellbeing, both financially and energetically.

​"Thank you great spirit for sending me such a great force of true inspiring GuiDance when I needed it the most!! you were there to support and guide me thru one of the biggest shifts of my journey here on earth! The wisdom and the tools I received from the amazing method you've created is BEyond what I can put in words… This program has changed my Life forever.

From feeling the best I felt in my own body maybe for the first time in my life, to feeling so grounded, centered, and connected to my heart and my truth ~*~ Noa you are a true Beacon of very wise light.

I’m ready to embark on this magnificent delicious journey with everything I’ve gained from your extraordinary gifts!!!!

– Totem Lyons

My name is Noa Gaia Lakshmi and I am a certified detoxification specialist through Dr. Robert Morse's international school of regenerative detoxification. I am also a yoga teacher and a Self-Love & empowerment mentor.

I Love helping people learn the art of cellular regeneration by connecting back to nature and it's simplicity. My guidance is always inspired and based on natural laws and the innate intelligence of the body to heal and regenerate itSelf. After over a decade of personal experience with living foods, herbs, fasting, and other Life-giving tools, I have so much to share with others who would like to experience TRUE health and find answers and solutions that aren't available through the mainstream channels.

​"I recently did 7 days of purification with Noa. The whole experience was amazing and provided the reset I needed for my physical body as well as emotionally and spiritually. The information, wisdom, and personal experiences shared by Noa really made the difference to other cleanses I have done. I highly encourage anyone thinking about joining Noa's programs to jump in, you are in the best of hands."

– Janine Stanley

We start on February 1st.

Last day to join us is January 28th.