This is such a powerful time to be alive on the planet! Massive transformation and expansion are taking place in an accelerated pace. The energy of the cosmos is not something in the far distance, separate from us. It’s the same life force that lives inside of us and so we can use the energy of the cosmos in our individual lives here on earth. Every planet carries a certain energy and every planetary shift has an effect on us. Once we understand the wisdom behind it, we can use that wisdom and be guided by it. Astrology is not some woo woo hocus-pocus stuff. It is ancient wisdom here to help us navigate through our human experience on earth. (After all, Earth is just another planet circling in space)…

So what’s going on right now? There’s really quite a lot and I cover most of it in the video below. This weekend is a powerful portal of manifestation and completion. A time for harvest. Many seeds that were planted months and even years ago are coming full circle into their physical manifestation. We are merging Heaven and Earth, bringing the vision into form. There’s a huge surge of feminine/masculine energy right now. We are being very supported in finding balance and alignment within ourselves and in our relationships. With this balance and merging energy, we are being invited and encouraged to merge spirit with the body. No more separation between the two. The body, the human experience is Spirit being expressed in physical form and now more than ever before, there’s a big emphasis on that. Allow spirit to move through us and anchor that divine spirit into our bodies by grounding and connecting with the Earth.

One of the biggest and powerful events this week is the full moon on August 29th. It’s a super moon which means the moon is at its closest position to the earth which makes it appear even bigger and brighter. Also, the energy of the moon is enhanced and some of us might feel it more intensely. This is a time when lots of emotions can come up to the surface and we are being asked to feel… Realy feel. EVERYTHING. True healing happens only when we allow ourselves to go to the depth of every single emotion. This moon is all about that… It’s the feminine energy and the water energy combined together, setting up the stage for us to illuminate anything that is still in the darkness so we can invite it into the light by giving ourselves the permission to fully feel. In order to heal we must feel. We are being asked to move closer and deeper into our heart space and cultivate a new sense of safety.

Since so much is being felt, cleared and transformed, resting, grounding and relaxing is at a high priority this weekend. It’s important to find stillness and quiet the mind by meditating and doing things that help us being in our body and feel grounded.
Be in nature, nourish your body, meditate, dance, connect with like-minded people, nurture your heart and focus on what brings you relaxation and peace. Stay away from toxic conversations and environments. Know what serves you right now and don’t hesitate to follow that voice. Stay in the vibration of Love and appreciation by appreciating yourself and loving yourself like never before!

What is the miracle you are ready to receive in your life? What is it you’ve been calling for? This weekend and the week to follow is like the Genie in a Bottle… Dreams are coming into form. Call on the miracles and be ready to receive them. BE READY.

I don’t just believe in miracles, I rely on them!