“Something amazing happens when we surrender
 and just love. We melt into another world, a realm
 of power already within us. The world changes
 when we change. The world softens when we soften.
 The world loves us when we choose to love ourselves and the world.” 
-Marianne Williamson-

Love, Love, Love. Probably one of the most talked about subjects in the world. I want to talk about Love as a state of being rather than an emotion we feel towards someone or something. That is only a byproduct and wasn’t meant to be limited to only one or a few people. When we choose to BE Love, it is easier to Love. Anything and anyone. And it all starts with loving ourselves.

Who is with you 24/7? No matter where you are or where you go, he or she is there? YOU. You are your own universe, your best friend, your lover, your own child and companion for Life. We must learn to Love the one we are with-ourselves; and not just parts of us, but the whole package. Love has NO conditions. When we Love, we accept. When we Love, we embrace. When we Love, we allow.

We often hear everything is good in moderation. I say no moderation when it comes to how much we Love and appreciate not just others, but ourselves first and foremost. I’m talking about radical self- Love and outrageous self- appreciation. That’s right, we’ve been practicing radical self- judgment and outrageous self- denial for too long. It’s time to move in a different direction. It’s by us learning to Love ourselves fully, and I mean OUTRAGEOUSLY loving ourselves, that we are offering this planet a major upgrade and deep healing.

Loving and appreciating ourselves is not narcissism. It is not arrogance. Let us not confuse confidence and feeling good about ourselves with being vain or arrogant. It’s not about feeling like you are better than anyone else it’s simply OWNING your greatness. Self- denial and not taking the time to feel good about ourselves have become a social illness. It is more common to focus on all the things we do wrong than taking the time to acknowledge all the things we do so well and compliment ourselves for that. How would we treat our best friend or our child? Start giving yourself that treatment.

You deserve to feel outrageously good about yourself and outrageously fulfilled by your goodness. That’s called the ability to receive. Receiving and giving goodness is one of the fastest, (and most enjoyable) ways to healing and embodying the divinity of our Soul’s essence. The more I feel good about myself, the higher percentage of my soul’s essence is embodied. When a higher percentage of my soul’s essence is embodied, I elevate my vibration which promotes healing and expansion on all levels. It brings about joy, peace and living in abundance.

Give yourself the permission to feel good about yourself every day. Ramp up how much you Love and appreciate yourself, not once a year on your birthday, but every single day like you would Love your child. Have fun with it, complimenting yourself for the smallest, everyday tasks. Laugh about it! (laughter is such great medicine, just like Love is). Take the most insignificant moments as an opportunity to congrats and compliment yourself. It automatically raises our vibration. Isn’t that such a powerful and intentional way to live our lives? And, of course, it’s so much fun at the same time.

Become completely unreasonable, borderline ridiculous with how much you compliment, adore, appreciate and Love yourself and others. We are building and developing new muscles. Consciously be a manifestation of goodness. Consciously and on a daily basis, find things you’re doing right and give yourself the credit for that. Instead of focusing on how to change the things we don’t do well, we shift our focus to the things we do well each and every day. (consistency is key when we are creating new habits). That alone changes the vibration and once our energy field is elevated, lower vibrational behaviors get eradicated effortlessly.

The most important message in every experience, no matter how pleasant or painful, is to Love and embrace ourselves fully and completely. Hold and embrace yourself like you would with a little child. Love is the key, the door, and the doorway to what we call heaven. We seek enlightenment and liberation, and we use so many techniques and practices only to chase something that is already here.

Own your greatness and start recognizing the unique greatness of everyone around you. No more holding back on how much we can Love and appreciate ourselves and others. Make that your practice, your intention until it becomes second nature. Effortless like the air we breathe. Love heals. Love liberates. Love is the answer no matter what the question is.

I Love you.