What are you choosing to end?
Welcoming the healing season of Pisces

In case you’re feeling a bit, let’s say, weird, maybe foggy or unsure of which reality you’re living in right now – don’t panic.


These are some of the side effects that come with the season of Pisces.


Other side effects may include, confusion, anxiety, compelling desire to check out, and the biggest one of all – dealing with our good old unconscious patterns. And if you’re experiencing things that might feel like it doesn’t really belong to you, well, the COLLECTIVE unconscious is pretty fired up right now; which means you’re going to feel A LOT. After all, Pisces is the unified field we are all a part of… the cosmic soup of creation.

However, being plugged into the collective unconscious doesn’t mean you have to take it all in and become a passive passenger in this chaotic ride we are on right now… No. Noticing and being aware of what’s occurring within you and around you, informs you how to go about Life in a grounded way rather than to check out, numb out, escape, avoid, deny, or best of all, give in to old patterns – either personal, in your relationships, and the unconscious patterns of humanity.

The cosmic invitation and opportunity right now, especially during this heavy duty Pisces cycle, is to heal the unconscious – individually and collectively. And yes, by facing your own unconscious, you are being of service not only to yourself but those around you and the collective at large. If there’s any illusion you’ve convinced yourself to be true, this is the time to burst that bubble… As we are standing in the half point mark between the New and Full moon, there’s an uncomfortable choice point in front of us – to acknowledge all that has been hidden and suppressed or to keep maintaining an illusion by escaping the reality of your deeper knowings.

We will not have another Pisces season like this for another 50 years! Chiron, the wounded healer will be exiting Pisces in April after a 7-year journey. Ok… what the heck does that mean?

It means that the opportunity to heal yourself and all of your relations is amplified right now. Any behaviors, patterns, and choices in your Life which have been fueled by unconscious influences within you can truly come to an end. And some things MUST come to an end if you are eager to make room for the new.

No better time as right now for true forgiveness – forgive yourself, forgive others, and forgive those who don’t know what they’re doing. Remember: EVERY SINGLE HUMAN IS DOING THE BEST THEY CAN. It doesn’t mean you need to subject yourself to toxic people, relationships, and environments, it just means that by choosing to embody compassion, you become a stand for Love and understanding rather than judgment and condemnation. You become the light and the change you wish to see in the world rather than perpetuating the same collective crap.

The truth is that neither of us (and the world) needs to be healed; we all just need to be loved. Because it’s the Love that does the healing. And when it comes to other people in your Life, sometimes loving from afar is the highest act of Love you can choose – for yourself and for them.

But most impotently, choose compassion for yourself RIGHT NOW. Choose to Love yourself the way your Heavenly Father and Earthly Mother Love you. What would shift in your Life if you started treating yourself in that way? What will end and what will have space to begin? How will you carry yourself knowing that you are so unconditionally loved?

Surrender to the great mystery of your Life… Be brave to let go of the reality you thought was you so you can discover who you truly are.

From my heart to yours.