I have a passion for healthy, vibrant and radiant living. I have spent the last ten years in deep personal research and the last five years guiding people through yoga and cleanse journeys. Through my personal journey, I have learned a lot about the human body, what works and what doesn’t. I know there is no one way for everyone, and that different things work for different people at different times. I have learned to adjust and most importantly to listen to what my body needs. I have also learned that despite our differences in body types, constitution, and lifestyle, all people can greatly benefit from incorporating a juice cleanse into their lives every once and awhile.

How does the cleanse work?

Your 60-day immersion will be broken down into three parts:

Part 1: 21 days of preparation for your fruit & liquid cleanse.

In order for us to achieve the best results and make your cleansing experience as comfortable as possible, it is important to prepare the body (and mind as well) for it.
We will increase the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetable and decrease the consumption of processed and heavy foods. We will focus on hydrating your body and by doing that, we will start flushing out toxins out of your body so by the time you start the deeper cleanse, your body is more ready for that level of detoxification.

Part 2: 14 days of fruit & liquid cleanse

A periodical cleanse is like taking your vehicle in for a tune-up. When it’s completed, you can expect to feel clearer, more optimistic and rejuvenated on the inside, and more radiant and lean on the outside. The true benefits of cleansing lay in shifting your mind and body to a more central, clearer place, and giving yourself a chance to detoxify not only your body but your cluttered thoughts and emotional baggage while enjoying less processed, heavy, stimulating foods. All bodies – no matter what their intake – can reap the benefits of a cleanse to help assist with the heavy load of work the digestive system does 24-hours a day. Using fruit and juice as cleansing agents is a great way to give your body the break it deserves while also keeping yourself energized and nutritionally satiated.

Part 3: 21 + daysTransitioning and integrating a new Lifestyle

This is, by far, the most important and crucial part. I will guide you through every step of the way through the transition to ensure success and integrated well-being. By the end of the 60 days, you’ll have a new and strong foundation. You’ll know more about healthy, wholesome and vibrant food choices that support you physically and mentally. You will be rooted in Self-Love with a new found inspiration and ability to make Self-care your prefered way of Life. .


  • Tissue, blood and organ detoxification

  • A regulated, nourished colon.

  • Rest and repair the gut.

  • Increased energy and stamina.

  • Increased mental clarity.

  • Better sleep patterns.

  • Overcoming food dependencies as on sugar or caffeine.

  • Radiant complexion, healthy hair, and nails.

  • Strengthened immune system.