Born to Prosper

Are you ready to create a new financial reality in your Life?


What would you do if you knew that money is knocking on a door you’ve been refusing to open and that your financial reality can radically change if you only allowed it to?

Is it possible that the only thing that stands in the way between you and the wealth of your dreams is YOU?

The truth is, it is…

I’m guessing you’ve landed on this page because of one (or more) of the following:
1) You feel financially stuck.
2) Your financial reality resembles a scary, unstable roller coaster ride.
3) You’ve been doing all the ‘right things’ to build your business yet still barely scraping by…
4) You’re tired of working harder, hustling, and being burned out.
5) You know there’s so much more to Life and who you can be but might feel limited; financially or otherwise.

The good news is you can create the Life you truly desire. It’s an inside job.

You’re probably reading this because what you’d really like to create is a Life that is rooted in overflowing prosperity and deep fulfillment. You are EAGER to welcome more money into your reality and BE, DO, and HAVE what your heart truly desires.

So my friend…

If you want to shift your financial reality from mediocre to glorious,
If you’re ready to say goodbye to any financial struggles, big or small,
If you want to welcome more money, confidence, and fulfillment,
And if you’re ready to move from just ‘getting by’ to full-on thriving,

You came to the right place!

Born to Prosper is a special 40-day experience that will give your financial reality a huge boost and launch you into your prosperity path. It is a one of a kind course designed to expand your mind, bust any limiting beliefs and develop a wealth mindset. It is a catalyst for a new and upgraded financial reality in your Life, one you’ve been wanting to live for a very long time.

Think of it as the Law of Attraction meets Self-Love. On steroids.

This is for you if you’re looking to:

  • Create a new financial reality and truly prosper in all areas of your Life.

  • Develop wealth mindset and allow money to flow in and out freely.

  • Build your business as an entrepreneur with the best tools to be successful.

  • Not only have more money but experience deep fulfillment and joy.

  • Transition from a flat-line career into your true Soul’s calling.

  • Take a leap in the direction of your highest dreams and aspirations with unshakable faith.

  • Become a fuller, more confident version of who you TRULY are.

  • End the cycle of financial struggle, lack, and scarcity.

What will we do in 40 days?

  • Shift your inner reality and fine-tune your frequency to match that of prosperity and wealth so you can finally experience it in your outer reality.

  • Heal your relationship with money and close the gap between being ‘spiritual’ and financially successful (basically, you don’t need to choose!)

  • Develop the necessary confidence and Self-worth to sustain a prosperous and fulfilling Life.

  • Erase old contracts of poverty, lack, struggle, and worry.

  • Create a new story-line for your financial reality based on your divine right to prosper.

When and what:

Feb 18th – March 28th, 2019

  • Facilitated online so you can join from anywhere in the world.

  • 4 Live sessions with Noa and the group.

  • All sessions are recorded so you don’t miss a thing.

  • Powerful Kundalini Yoga practice to activate your prosperity codes.

  • Practical tools and exercises to implement in your Life.

  • Downloadable PDF’s.

  • FB group for ongoing community support and upliftment.

As a brand new course, I’m running this round for a SUPER special price! So if you know this is for you, now is your chance to get in on all this awesomeness for a fraction of what this course worth (and will be priced in the future).

One payment of $333

Born to Prosper course + a Soul Signature personal reading with Noa

One payment of $444

What distinguishes this course from other wealth and prosperity courses out there?

What makes this course different is the foundation on which it is based on – and that is Radical Self-Love. During our 40 days together you’ll be pumping up your wealth muscles WHILE simultaneously increasing Love for yourSelf.

When those two come together, there’s nothing you can’t be, do, or have.

You were Born to Prosper.

NOW is your time.

One payment of $333

Born to Prosper course + a Soul Signature personal reading with Noa

One payment of $444

I’ve been building my business for years and after trying many different things and working with mentors, the conclusion remains the same – it’s an inside job.

I’ve created this course based on my own personal experience with money and breaking free from patterns of financial struggle and scarcity. It boils down to energetics and I’m thrilled to be offering it to people like yourSelf who are eager to create a new financial reality for themselves because they recognize the power and freedom that comes with it.

Here’s to our PROSPERITY!