Hello, my friend! I’m so happy you found my website.

Who is Noa Lakshmi, you might wonder…

I am a lover of Life, dedicated to the elevation of humanity by showing people the way to radiant health and how to live as their TRUE SELF – Sovereign, Empowered, Loving & Free. I believe in the transformational powers of Love, especially Self-Love, which is the foundation of everything I do and offer. I touch and upgrade the lives of individuals by teaching them how to holistically nurture their body and tap into their Soul’s essence, activating their full potential as human beings.

In Hawaiin, my name Noa means ‘Freedom’ or ‘To Be Free’ and in Japanese, it means ‘My Love’. The spiritual name I’ve been given by the Kundalini tradition means ‘Liberator of Love’.

Coincidence? I don’t believe in those…

After years of dedicated personal exploration and spiritual growth I have come to realize that my mission is to show others how to RISE (not fall) madly in Love with themselves, reclaim their well-being and embody their Divine perfection. Living a Life of deep Self-Love, radiant health and freedom is your birthright and I’m here to remind and connect you back to that ultimate truth.

However though, don’t think that this has always been my reality… I used to be my own worst enemy. I wanted to change everything about mySelf. I was constantly in comparison mode to other people, feeling I wasn’t good enough, pretty enough, skinny enough, talented enough, attractive enough; The list went on and on. That mindset drove me to eating disorders in my late teens, all because I was so eager to change mySelf; I certainly didn’t appreciate and Love myself the way I now know is possible…

I’m delighted to say that now, I’m dedicated to loving mySelf and shining my light in my own authentic way. I’m dedicated to treating my body as my temple and to creating the most joyful, loving, abundant, and radiant Life from the inside out; the Life I was meant to live.

Guess what? I want the same thing for you!

I want us all to In-Joy living Life like a child. I want us all to feel free to express, to dream, to laugh, to cry, to dance, to sing, to Love, to BE. I want us all to attain radiant health and thrive – body, mind, and soul. I want us all to reconnect back to Mother Earth and remember our wild nature. I want us all to start playing again in the garden of Eden this reality was designed to be. Deep in my heart, I know that together, we can restore heaven back to Earth; but it starts with you and I.

Your well-being is the most precious asset you have, a worthwhile pursuit as long as you are in human form. I see our human experience as a magnificent gift, a gift we get to unravel and discover throughout our lives which is why my approach to Life and healing is holistic, whole, and very much inwardly focused. I truly believe in BEING the change we wish to see in the world and I know we are transforming the world (and elevating humanity) with Love one human at a time.

Thank you for being YOU!

Much Love & Infinite Blessings

Noa Lakshmi