Never in my life was I able to relate to those we have committed suicide the way I can relate to it these days. Suicide is such a social taboo… Shhh, don’t talk about it… Well, the cat is out of the bag ladies and gentlemen.

I’m sure those who know me would describe me as a positive person. Someone who carries and shines the light. I’m also sure that most people who know me, including myself, wouldn’t guess even for a second that ‘checking out early’ would be a thought someone like me would entertain. A shocker right?

I’m starting to see that ending one’s own life is not a choice that only those who are burned by life choose. It is not a moment of insanity or an indication of a mental illness. Can be, yes, but life is WAY to complex to give something (anything really) such black and white labels.

We can classify it as an escape, a weakness, a breakdown… Not having the courage to face life and all the challenges that come with it. The dark side can be very, very dark. And maybe it is an escape because for some, physical death means relief. It means freedom. It means they don’t need to keep on feeling the pain of the world. It means they get to return home even if only for a moment…

So what’s the difference between me having a thought of checking out early and those we actually cross that line? I’m still contemplating that… Is it my strength? My clarity? My wisdom? My light? I keep hearing the word ‘Love’ echoing in the background… It’s the Love in your heart Noa.

I might Love myself too much to cross that line… might Love this world too much to just check out and say ‘peace out yo’… It’s the astronomical amount of Love I have in my life which I’m able to feel, receive, give and appreciate. I know not everyone can feel that… Not everyone has that. Which can undoubtedly be a reason for someone to cross that line… Because without Love, is there anything else really worth living for?

This is not a suicide note my friends. It’s the opposite. It’s a Love note and an appreciation note to all of my friends and family and to all of you who might have felt this at some point in your life. Maybe you’re feeling it now. We are energy and spirit in human form and as such, we are tuned in and feel so much more than we know and have been taught.

No need to hide our thoughts, fears and moments of despair anymore. We are building a new society where we can expose the dark just as much as the light so we can actually make more space for the light to enter. We are creating a reality in which we allow ourselves to feel and Love all that arises. How many people wouldn’t have crossed that line if only they were given the space to express their pain and fears and received Love and compassion in return? If they only got to feel a fraction of the Love I feel in my heart and know they are not alone… 

It is Love that will create and is creating a real revolution in the world.

Because when everything is literally dissolving and breaking down to pieces, Love is the only thing that makes sense… Or at least makes this Life worth living.

I Love you.