2017 is here! Powerful Full Moon to illuminate our path of Self-Mastery.

First full moon of 2017! I love it when people reach out to me asking what in the world is going on…?? Yes my friends, we can feel it. We can feel the build up and what this year is all about.

2016 was challenging, to say the least, and although 2017 will be very different, it won’t be a walk in the park… This is a year of Self-Mastery. A year that will show us whether or not we have a solid foundation in our life. Without a strong foundation, things tend to crumble. We are given the opportunity to clean up any last minute messes as we are choosing the course of creation for our year ahead.

The solid foundation lays within your own personal life- your health, your well-being, your energy, your beliefs, your words, your actions, your relationships, your work, your choices… How well are you taking care of yourself? How often do you consult with your heart? How in tune are you with your body and needs? The days of sacrificing your body, health, and well-being just to achieve another goal or conquer another peak are over. If you’re still learning that, this year will give you plenty of opportunities to wake up, sober up and step it up.

Let this full moon cycle help you illuminate and release that which needs to be cleaned up. Let it show you how to deeply nourish your body, mind, and heart and let it help you build a strong foundation to help you climb the most fulfilling, worthwhile mountain you desire for your life.

You are and always will be the master of your own domain.