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“Noa Lakshmi is an extraordinary individual who sees the light in each person and helps them to see their light as well. Noa’s presence is radiant, whether she is teaching a yoga class, coaching you or simply passing you by. I feel so fortunate for my time with Noa, I always felt heard, nurtured and respected. Every conversation with her was filled with pearls of wisdom that have helped me make tremendous progress on my journey.”

Angel Green

40 days to Self-Mastery: A Companion Guide to the book – Master your Life with Love

40 days to Self-Mastery is a practical guide on how to rise madly in love with yourself and achieve radiant health and vitality. In this guide, you will find tools to nurture your body and activate your inner power in order to experience profound upgrades in your Life and long-lasting changes within your body, mind, and spirit. Using a wholesome and holistic approach, this guide ensures you the utmost success, offering you the beginning of a new way of being and living in the world today.

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