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Your Personal Mentorship Program is designed to activate you to take your life further than you’ve ever gone before. Together we will reignite your faith and unleash your vitality from within so you can begin living as the TRUE and BEST version of yourSelf.

Your Personal Mentorship Program, is a 6~month journey to living your best life!

  • Extract the true essence of your being
  • Create habits that fully support you – Body, Mind, and Soul
  • Become radically empowered from the inside out
  • Rise madly in Love with yourSelf
  • Create a Life of Thriving Freedom, Soulful Wealth, and Vibrant Health.

As an intuitive empowerment coach, Self-Love mentor, and a Life by design specialist, I help my clients get unstuck, feel more empowered within themselves and cultivate true well-being. By creating long-lasting changes in your Life, you will achieve balance, harmony, peace and true joy inside and out. I focus on helping you establish the most loving relationship with yourself so you can experience a healthier, wealthier, and more fulfilled Life.

Julie Fleming

“Working with Noa Lakshmi has been an incredible journey of growth and transformation for me. Her wisdom and guidance helped pave the path to trusting myself, my intuition, and the desires I have for my life. I’ve reconnected to the brave and beautiful little girl in me and continue to dissolve old patterns of thinking and behaving that have kept me feeling paralyzed in self-doubt. With Noa’s love and support, I gently lifted the lid off of the self-love and compassion I unknowingly kept hidden away. I am becoming my own best friend, my own greatest cheerleader, my own loyal supporter.

If you wish to stop trying to push yourself forward and instead be lovingly walked alongside of in your journey to living your best life, I highly recommend working with Noa as your mentor. Through investing in yourself this way, you will experience the lasting joy that comes with learning to more fully love, accept, and honor all of who you are!”

Julie FlemingFlorida, USA

“I had never sought help from an intuitive astrologer before I received a referral for Noa. After she prepared my natal birth chart and we discussed it together, I knew I had found the perfect soul to help me work through issues relating to divorce, finding my birth mother, and life in general. Noa knows what her clients may be feeling based partly on interpreting their natal charts and partly by intuitive signals, and reaches out exactly at the right moment to assist. I broke through every perceived barrier within a very short time working with her and can’t believe how far I have come and the new, confident and powerful person I am now. With Noa’s guidance, I was able to recognize patterns, welcome in the feelings, address them, and use them to develop the strength to learn to love myself while not hurting anyone in the process. Now when people come to me for advice and I send them to Noa.”

Meredith Manning, CA

“I came to Noa during a very transformative time in my journey in which It was a time when old thoughts and relationships were wanting to be released from my life so that I could experience more light, love, and freedom. Which sounds lovely but was honestly most often scary and hard as hell. Choosing to have Noa in my corner during this delicate and exciting time was the best and most loving choice I could have made for myself. The compassionate space she held for me to be honest and raw was better than any space I’ve had in my 10 years of working with coaches. The loving guidance she offered me through timely questions and her amazing intuition was and will always be priceless to me. She held my highest vision for me when I was unable and because of this, I was able to choose higher in all areas of my life specifically in how I cared for my body and how I spoke to myself. If you are upgrading in ANY area of your life, give yourself the gift of assistance from this walking Earth angel warrior goddess guide! “

Mary Catherine Shurett – Life Coach

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