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Master Your Life with Love is a book whose very foundation is built upon radical Self-Love that catalyzes personal healing and collective evolution. The wisdom and insights in this book will benefit both those who have established daily practices and also those who are ready to begin a new journey toward Self-Love and well-being. This book is a heartfelt and spiritually pragmatic guide to developing a deeper understanding of one’s divine nature as a human being and thus, live a more meaningful and fulfilling Life.


Ready to change your life? In Master Your Life with Love, Noa Lakshmi opens a new doorway for the loving Self-Mastery that will transform your relationship with yourself and the world.

Through the accessible structure of this work, Noa invites you to strengthen and deepen your understanding of yourself while committing to the practical dedication of Self-Love in action.

Master Your Life with Love is designed to activate and unleash your full human potential whether you have already established a dedicated foundation in your Life or if you are just beginning your Self-discovery journey. This book offers a new set of tools for those who are interested in improving their lives from the inside out, as Noa gently guides the reader from self-inquiry to self-care in a simple, in-depth, and straightforward manner.

This book contains an abundance of insights and practical tools to achieve physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being – from simplification to breathwork practices, various Self-Love and Self-care tools, affirmations, meditations and a wellspring of inspiration to launch your Life into a new, more vibrant version of yourself.



I really enjoyed reading your manuscript. I’ve worked on a lot of life coaching-related and self-development titles, and know how tricky this genre is to do well. Let me tell you lady – this is the very best I’ve read so far. It’s heartfelt, spiritually pragmatic (unusual combination of words, but there you have it), and offers wisdom to people on many different stages of their journey. As a seasoned Ashtanga practitioner, I see the wisdom, insight, and benefits for those who have developed daily practices and been devoted to them (and themselves in general) for many years – as well as seeing all the juice a newbie will need to get them started on their journey. It’s a pretty special thing, to have written a personal development book that will speak to so many different people. This is aided by your open, kind, funny and easy-going/non-dogmatic authorial presence throughout the text.
Tess Cullity
Master Your Life With Love is a book whose very foundation—from word to theme to page to spine–is built upon Love, having been born from Love or, rather, a very specific and radiating Self-Love that is at once radical, authentic, inspiring, deeply felt, deeply needed and most of all, true. Reading this book, I am reminded of Robert Frost, who once said (about poetry but it applies here): “For me, the initial delight is in the surprise of remembering something I didn’t know I knew.” My experience reading your book is akin to this: feeling delighted because your writing made me realize some truths “I didn’t know I knew.” And that’s key to good writing, key to establishing resonance with the reader.
Lauren Dean

Noa Lakshmi is an author, inspirational speaker, intuitive astrologer, yoga teacher, Self-Love master coach, lifestyle design specialist, and a guide for many. Her mission is dedicated to the transformational power of Love, especially Self-Love, which is the foundation of her work in the world. For over a decade, Noa has worked with hundreds of individuals, showing them how to cultivate the most loving relationship with themselves and experience profound healing in their body, mind, heart, and soul. The publication of her first book, Master your Life with Love, represents a labor of Love designed to activate and unleash one’s full human potential.

Noa sees our human experience as a precious gift. From this place of appreciation, Love, and gratitude, her work shares a holistic vision for personal alchemy and cultural transformation. Noa invokes the mantra to “BE the change you wish to see in the world,” and she believes we are transforming the world with Love one human at a time.

Noa offers spiritual and holistic guidance, classes, group programs, talks, workshops, and retreats designed to transform lives from the inside out. She offers numerous transformational tools such as personal astrology readings, lifestyle design, and her comprehensive 40 Days to Self-Mastery program for groups and individuals. By empowering radiance, fulfillment and radical Love, Noa seeks to elevate humanity for a better world.

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